Design, Space + Communication


Project: A portable information center for the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Site: Various sites around the different faculties of the university.

Program: Information accessing area (for computer terminals), small conference room, informal meeting area, total gross area 75 m2.

Description: In this project, one had to identify and analyze an area or location within the university campus before proposing a new practical function for the chosen space. I decided to design a small information center or ‘ePod’ that could be mobilized and placed at different locations within the university compound. This information center would offer students free quick internet access on computer terminals contained within the ePod. To encourage students to access the ePod, I also included a small indoor area equipped with multimedia equipment that could be reserved and used for project presentations as well as an informal semi-outdoor meeting area for spontaneous discussions. The idea was to create a node where students would pass through for an information download and also to meet their peers at anytime of the day to share this information.

Solution: A compact form composed of an intersecting cube and cylinder demarcating three distinct spaces ranging from open, semi-open to closed depending on its assigned function of providing access to information, formal meetings or informal gatherings. The form also reflects the structure and mechanism of the World Wide Web which is commonly depicted as a net from which network communications pass in and out.