Design, Space + Communication

Community at Portsdown Road

Project: Planning and design of a cluster of sustainable dwelling spaces with a focus on community living.

Site: Portsdown Road, Singapore Program: 6 to 8 units of dwelling in a cluster with a shared communal space. Each dwelling includes spaces for cooking, dining, living, working, bathing, playing, gardening, resting and sleeping, housed within a total gross area of 330 m2 per dwelling.

Description: In the given brief, it was stipulated that the users of the dwellings would be young educated families with or without children. One spouse of each family would have a full-time professional job while the other would be experimenting with new enterprises such as various consultancy services, design work, internet enterprises, new product creation etc. Special attention was to be paid to the planning of the community to encourage communal activities.

Solution: 7 multi-storey houses clustered around a central semi-outdoor communal space that would be landscaped and could be used for various recreational activities such as sports & exercise, cultural activities & performances and other informal gatherings. Taking into consideration the need for privacy while maintaining a kind of friendly relationship between the houses, each house was split into three separate floors and orientated to face the communal space. The positioning of the houses along an axis was also studied, resulting in a variation whereby every alternate house was located some distance away from the linear axis to give a greater balance between openness and privacy throughout the estate.