Design, Space + Communication

The Watsu Experience

Project: Specialist School and Clinic for Watsu Therapy.

Site: Depot Road, Singapore

Program: Reception, Cafe, Interaction Area, Teaching Spaces, Administration, Storage, Toilets, Changing Rooms, Indoor and Outdoor Treatment Areas, carpark, M&E room. Total gross area 1900 m2.

Description: The Specialist School provides educational programs in Massage Therapy and Asian Aqua Bodywork. Practical and Theory lessons are taught at the school, on subjects such as anatomy, physiology, massage and professional practice. The center also provides healthcare services via its teaching clinic. To accommodate these functions, the school is organized in two main sections: the teaching component designed for mass practical sessions, versus the clinic component where graduate students would treat members of the public in a more private setting.

Solution: As the school is located on slope situated between a medium traffic road and a quiet park uphill, the concept of horizontal layering was adopted. The building is laid out in layers that screen out disturbances from the road in front, to create a tranquil environment behind where the treatment areas are located. This concept was also applied vertically in the form of 3 levels – the 1st level housing the school and its training facilities, the second level holding the changing rooms and indoor treatment pools, and finally the feature outdoor treatment pools on the topmost floor. As pools are a major component of the building, special attention was also taken to give each variety a distinct character.