Design, Space + Communication

Tekoe at Gare Cornavin

Contrary to the usual coffeehouse, Tekoe is a tea shop that offers tea for takeaway mainly in transit areas of transport hubs such as train stations and airports. Tekoe aims to present good quality tea to a highly mobile urban buzz of customers who often consume food on the go that is not necessarily healthy. This publicity campaign for the hypothetical launch of Tekoe at Geneva’s main Cornavin train station endeavors to associate the Tekoe brand with well-being and everyday routines in the train station, suggesting that taking the train everyday can also be a healthy activity. Looking at urban transit spaces versus public health, the campaign is modelled upon the lighthearted idea that the train station can also become our local gym.

The concept was therefore to introduce ambient advertising spots in strategic sites throughout the train station providing tips on how to include more beneficial physical activity between routine circulation trajectories within the station. Five sites were selected from key locations such as waiting areas and large circulation spaces, and fitted out with environmental graphic design elements inspired by the “Zurich parcoursvita” trails (exercise courses found in public spaces all over Switzerland). As a familiar imagery to the general Swiss population, this graphical reference brings promptly to mind fitness and exercise using an effective system of illustrative human silhouettes presenting exercise movements.