Design, Space + Communication

Event Design for Lift Experience 2010

with AAS, Berlin & Frederic Teschner Studio, Paris

This project took on the event design for Lift Experience 2010, encompassing the design of the exhibition, the structuring of activity spaces, and the design of the wayfinding system. The Lift Experience is attended by about 1000 participants and looks into the domain of digital technologies. The event is made up of a series of activities including talks, workshops and an exhibition.

Lift Experience 2010 was held at the Centre international de conférences de Genève (CICG). Renovated in 2005 with spatial additions, the CICG comprises of a large lobby, an auditorium, multi-purpose areas and meeting rooms. As the convention centre has a strong visual identity with a profusion of existing colors and textures, the idea was not to add to the clutter but to delineate key areas with a design that is contrasting but complementary in its distinction. As a result, simple materials with characteristic features in neutral colors were put together carefully with a focus on assembly details. The same rational applied to the wayfinding system that was made up of oversized balloons in monochrome colors.

The exhibition design for Mode Demo, an exhibition of experimental works by media artists, focused on the idea of the filtering of light as all the artists required either a relatively dark setting or one in which they could effectively control lighting conditions for light projections. A combination of high-gloss and matt black PVC films demarcated the exhibition space from the rest of the convention center. These were used for their light-blocking quality and for the interesting effect of light and reflection upon their surfaces, which helped to lighten the overall feel of these massive screens. As for the installation of each artist’s stand within the exhibition space, the idea was to develop a set up with a prototypical feel that was coherent with the experimental nature of the works presented.