Design, Space + Communication

Stage Design for Syd Matters

with Philippe Rahm Architects, Paris

In designing a mobile stage for french contemporary folk band Syd Matters, the design brief called for a stage design that could be used for concerts in very different locations, each time an atypical natural outdoors setting. In response, the main design strategy entailed the creation of an architecture that stems from a single building principle. The slat was chosen as the principal constructive element in either wood or steel depending on its function, that is multiplied and reshaped to become at a time the floor of the stage, a percussion instrument, seating, or even an acoustic panel.

The regularity of how the slats are combined juxtaposes with the way they eventually form an undulating surface, giving the stage an organic appearance that is unique but at the same time integrates well with a natural setting where irregularity is rampant.