Design, Space + Communication

Plane White

with Complex IT Sàrl, Geneva

Urged by the receptiveness of art museums today to new display strategies and the potential of new media, this experimental project suggests that the art exhibition space could go beyond the recurrent white cube and appropriate elements from experience-based exhibition concepts. The apparent eternality of a white exhibition space is challenged by the volatility of digital information and its extension into virtual space.

The installation features Wassily Kandinsky’s Composition VIII painting and presents concepts from his book Point and Line to Plane. In this mixed media display, the objective was to redesign the “real-virtual” boundary between the visitor and the digital dimension. The notion of touch and spontaneous social interaction is reintroduced, reviving the human dimension.

Retaining the use of natural/familiar interaction motions, a direct association is established with familiar gestures found in quotidian life, facilitating comprehension of the maneuvering of the interface. The material support is designed to be highly palpable, enhancing the tangible aspect of the multi-dimensional interface. The large surface supports multiple concurrent users, provokes curiosity, and encourages movement, participation and social exchange. Users literally feel their way around the design script and shape their own experience.