Design, Space + Communication

Espace art-chitecture

Project: A 24-hour cultural center for Fine Art and Architecture.

Site: Queen Street, Singapore. (The site is a prominent location in the heart of the Singapore’s first designated cultural and entertainment district.)

Program: A cozy artist/student hub with a cafe, studio cum workshop, library/resource center, gallery, admin office and shared public social interaction spaces. Total gross area 630 m2.

Description: The cultural center aims to promote collaboration between artists and architects in the creation of a more stimulating environment. The facility supports innovation and experimentation in the sectors of art and architecture through provision of facilities that will attract new audiences and promote synergies between art and architecture. People and environment friendly, the center evolves with the active participation of the people and the community and also respects the amenities of neighboring conservation buildings and residential properties.

Solution: To convey the harmony of two disciplines that are at the same time similar but also very different, I decided to embark the design of the building from a simple cubic form that that would express the clarity of a solid idea. In consideration of factors related to context (such as the nature, size and character of adjacent buildings) and light & shadow, the cubic form was “cut-up” and transformed accordingly. The use of a louvered glass facade was decided upon to give the building dual appearance and character in the day and at night, reflecting the difference in users and activities at different times of the day.